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Green Initiatives

Executive Air HVAC Energy Efficiency

The HVAC industry can have a dramatic influence on the environment. In recent years ensuring HVAC products and practices are implemented under the safest guidelines has come to the forefront of building owners’ and managers’ minds.

As a contractor, Executive Air strives to comply with all regulations and keep up-to-date on current specifics. This enables us to discuss this issue with our customers so that informed, green decisions may be made with regard to repairing or replacing equipment.

At Executive Air, we are committed to these practices by:

  • Recommending Energy Efficient equipment and control systems
  • Recommending Equipment with Ozone Friendly refrigerants
  • Safe disposal of equipment, refrigerants, oils, parts and materials
  • Regionalizing our technicians to reduce gas consumption and vehicle emissions
  • Providing training and accreditation courses for new equipment, controls and practices
  • Office – paper/cardboard/bottle recycling
  • Emailing reports / correspondence
  • Purchasing ‘green’ office supplies and copier paper


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