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Why should I have my building’s HVAC equipment maintained regularly?

What does a Preventive Maintenance agreement include?

Why are filter changes important?

Why is it important to have the coils on my HVAC units cleaned regularly?

Why is having a programmable thermostat important?

Why does my buildings HVAC equipment need to be maintained
so regularly?

  • HVAC equipment, like most mechanical machines, and even your car, has moving parts which wear down over time and benefit from regular maintenance. Most commercial and industrial HVAC equipment is subject to long run times in environments with heavy foot traffic, and airborne manufacturing and construction debris. For these reasons it is essential that the equipment be kept clean and lubricated so they continue to provide maximum efficiency.
  • A Preventive Maintenance (PM) program ensures your equipment is given the longest lifespan possible by finding, reporting, and repairing small problems before they result in expensive breakdowns and downtime. This proactive approach helps building owners and managers stay on budget and plan for the future.

What does a service agreement include?

There are many different kinds of service agreements, but most can be grouped into three general categories:

  • Preventive Maintenance – regular inspections and filter changes with the frequency of visits depending on the type of equipment and the environment it serves. In the spring the focus of inspections is on the cooling system, and in the fall it changes to the heating system. Some of the services the technician typically performs are:
    • inspect blower wheels, unit wiring and disconnect switch
    • check the refrigerant level, compressor data and operation
    • check condition of the coils and condensate drain
    • lubricate motors and bearings
  • Comprehensive Maintenance– the same as Preventive Maintenance, with the addition of annual coil cleaning (cooling) and burner cleaning (heating).
  • All-Inclusive Maintenance – this agreement includes everything noted in the PM and Comprehensive agreements, and also includes parts and labour for needed equipment repairs.

Why are filter changes important?

  • Filters help protect HVAC equipment from dirt and air particles that will coat coils and other parts inside the units. A proper filter change program will go a long way to ensuring that coils transfer heat efficiently. Clean filters and coils also allow the unit to use less energy and keep other expensive components such as compressors from failing.

Why is it important to have the coils on my HVAC units
cleaned regularly?

  • Even when air filters are changed regularly, some heat transfer coils will still require annual cleaning. Units with dirty coils do not transfer heat effectively which results in the units working harder and longer to do the required amount of heating or cooling. When the unit works harder, it uses more energy and stresses the equipment leading to expensive repairs. Coil cleaning will save money in both energy and repairs, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Why is having a programmable thermostat important?

  • Programmable thermostats give the user the ability to have the HVAC equipment running only when it is required. When the premises are empty, the thermostat will keep the unit off, and then turn it on just before opening so it is comfortable when everyone arrives. The benefit is a considerable energy savings, and a reduction in your environmental footprint.
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